David Harbor and Lily Allen’s home tour is very floral

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Another controversial day architectural digest home tour. After, after Michael Imperioli white lotus-Whiskey Stopping by last week’s Manhattan apartment tour, I didn’t think I’d be surprised at a celebrity’s living quarters anymore. But I was wrong – totally wrong. this week “Open door” Featured David Harbor and Lily AllenA Brooklyn home, and oh boy, is it…pink.

If you walk into the Allen and Harbor home, chances are you’ll see floral wallpaper, and you will I wonder if I was in a life-size dollhouse. While the kitchen is predominantly white and beige, the rest of the house is all colourful, starting with the living room or “garden room”. Complete with a green velvet reversible sofa, matching chairs and accents, and floral wallpaper, the living room will delight anyone who dreams of going to the secret garden without actually going outside. It’s pretty impressive, but the bathroom really deserves closer inspection.

“When I lived in New York City apartments, I just had bathrooms. There was a toilet and a shower and a sink and a toothbrush,” Harbor said. “And now I have a room where you can take a shower, or you can, like, sit.” Saying this isn’t your average bathroom. In New York City that would be an understatement. The room is part bath and part sitting room, and includes a bathtub, two pink chairs, a fireplace, and commode-style sinks modeled after those of French King Louis XVI at Versailles and featuring swan faucets—an order from Harbor, it seems. It seems.” I asked for two things on this floor, the representative said before letting go ad Photographer in the bathroom. “I said, ‘I need swan taps.'” (There’s also a larger swan spout in the bathtub, or, as Allen calls it, “dad’s big swan.”) These details are all worth unpacking, but the real head-scratcher is the floral rug.

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Yes there is carpets about the bathtub. and the attendant ad Article He assured fans concerned about this detail that “the toilet and shower are in a completely different room.” But, respectfully, I’m still concerned about the rug around the bathtub—something the CDC warns about their website. There’s also the big pink fridge, which I suppose is also a risky thing to put on a rug. The couple declined to speak ad What’s actually inside is the “refrigerator from outer space,” as Harbor dubbed it, but I’m not entirely convinced that the giant structure isn’t a cryogenic pod used to keep Austin Powers alive.

The townhouse also includes a windowless master bedroom painted flamingo pink, which Allen calls a “womb of the bed,” two walk-in closets (guess who’s bigger), and a media room with a leopard-print rug. And Leopard print sofa, personal sauna and cold plunge pool in the back. Even if it’s not your taste, there’s no denying that this home has character. naturally , Internet He already is divided In his opinions about the house, but I think we can unite against the carpet in the bathroom. This is just asking for trouble.

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