Covid 19. Boris Johnson will stop isolating victims in the UK

Everything points to the fact that the United Kingdom will be the first European country to end its legal obligation to respect the mandatory isolation rules for those infected with the corona virus.

Boris Johnson, who was hospitalized with Covit-19 disease – later praised the work of a Portuguese nurse – told the BBC “It’s time for everyone to regain hope” And return to normal life.

Boris Johnson’s office announced this Saturday that the Prime Minister wants to release a plan this week to end the need for self – isolation of those infected with the corona virus. If this controversial decision continues, it will be the first (and only) country to leave the European Union (January 2020) and the first major European country to allow people infected with the corona virus to work and move freely. Public transport., Business and catering

This measure is not without criticism, and there are many health professionals who consider it dangerous.

When asked by the BBC about the parties on Downing Street in full blockade – the whole population is enjoying great restrictions on movement – Johnson said he would talk “about it” after the trial, and any response he would now give would be “explained as a comment in the process”.

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