Claudine K. Harvard dean resigns after suspicions of plagiarism and anti-Semitism

Claudine Kay is also suspected of plagiarizing content from her university work.

“It was with a heavy heart but a deep love for Harvard “I am writing to inform you that I am stepping down as rector,” Kay, 53, wrote.In his resignation letter published on Tuesday.

In the letter, Claudie Kay considered it “difficult to see my obligations to confront hate and respect academic rigor be in doubt.”Being the subject of personal attacks and threats fueled by racism is scary“.

More than 70 members of Congress, including two Democrats, Harvard alumni and major donors have called for K's removal in recent weeks. Harvard's academic community supported its president, who remains in office to this day.

Harvard University leadership, which accepted his resignation, praised his “remarkable resilience in the face of ongoing and deeply personal attacks.”

“If one part of this matter has been exposed publicly, a larger part has taken shape Derogatory and in some cases racist attacks against her, by the way Emails And embarrassing phone calls“, the company said in a statement.

Harassment is defined “by context.”
President, Professor of Political Science, Sworn in July, he became Harvard University's first black deanLocated near Boston on the east coast of the United States.

Some conservative factions immediately challenged his choice, citing suspicions of plagiarism. Controversy intensified Answers given by Dean when asked about anti-Semitism in Campus from many universities since October1,200 Israelis were killed on October 7 in an attack on civilians and the coordinator of an invasion of Israel in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, in response to Israeli military operations.

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Thousands of students from Harvard and other institutions of higher learning have reproduced anti-Israel Palestinian political theses in a variety of activities, without any opposition from university officials. Students and teachers who disagreed with these views reported feeling harassed and intimidated by the climate created on social media. In addition to Kay, those responsible for the University of Pennsylvania and IMT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Elizabeth Magill and Sally Kornbluth were also investigated.

Kay was accused of doing little or nothing to ensure the safety of Jewish professors and students at the universityIt was the subject of a five-hour hearing in Congress.

Elise Stefanik, a Republican representative at the time, considered calls for an “intifada” recorded during the protests to be an incitement to “a genocide against Jews in Israel and the world.”

When Stefanik asked “Does Calling for Jewish Genocide Violate Harvard's Harassment Rules, Yes or No?” Claudine Kay agreed, “It probably depends on the context.”before adding “if it is directed against a person”.

“If speech becomes an act, it becomes a nuisance”, Mahil replied to the same question. “It's a decision made based on the circumstances.”

Second dismissal
The responses went viral and led to a reaction from the White House, with one of its spokespersons, Andrew Bates, saying “It is unbelievable to say that calls for genocide are cruel“.

Born in New York to immigrants from Haiti, Claudine Kay was the shortest-lived tenure at Harvard University since its founding in 1636.

Elise Stefanik, however, was considered on the social network

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K is the second president of the Ivy League, which unites eight elite North American universities, to follow Elizabeth Mahil's example and resign.The president of the University of Pennsylvania resigned under intense pressure.

In addition to the controversy over the dean's response to student protests, there has been suspicion in recent months that private funding may be responsible for a recent slide in extreme anti-Semitism. Campus American college students.

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