Christine Ourmières-Widener already has a new job

The former CEO of the airline will join Dubreuil Group on July 1

Three months after being fired as TAP’s executive chairman, Christine Ermeiers-Widener has found a new job in the aviation industry.

According to French press challengesThe 58-year-old French manager will take over as CEO of Dubreuil Group from July 1.

On March 6, Ourmières-Widener was removed from TAP, together with the president of the board of directors, Manuel Beja, following the report of the Inspector General of Finance (IGF) regarding the compensation of 500 thousand euros to Alexandra Reiss. After leaving TAP and NAV, Fernando Medina was appointed Secretary of State.

At that time, the finance minister explained that the dismissal of the two directors was done for just cause and the two professionals were not compensated.

In reaction, Ourmières-Widener accused the IGF of not listening to the investigation of the case and threatened to go to court.

In a note included in the report published by the IGF that decided on the CEO’s dismissal, the executive expressed his “confusion” as, according to him, “the only person directly involved in the audit was not personally heard. The IGF”.

“This discriminatory conduct of the IGF has been duly registered for which all legal consequences will be withdrawn in due course,” he added.

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