Chechen leader announces new tactics to counter “Ukrainosis” in Ukraine – Observer

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has announced a shift to a new tactic of more aggressive action in Ukraine.

“We will now go to a new tactic of a special operation against the Ukrainian Nazis. We will not play with them anymore,” Kadyrov wrote in a post on his account. telegram. According to the Chechen leader, “the enemy” The new action plan will face dire consequences It turns the previous actions into childish mischief.

Get ready and keep your eyes peeled,” Kadyrov wrote in a telegram.

“Only those who take this news as a grim sign and make balanced decisions for salvation are lucky,” he added. He also left a final piece of advice: “Be prepared and keep your eyes open”.

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The statements were made public after it was announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin would address the nation at 18:00 today, Tuesday, the day the separatist forces of Kherson, Lugansk, Donetsk and Zaporyzhia will hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. . It will be For the first time in the country since the beginning of the invasion of UkraineHowever The speech was adjourned and is expected to take place on Wednesday.

Putin put the world on hold and postponed the speech until Wednesday. The reasons are unknown

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