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Carol Orscott spends her days photographing dogs from various shelters across America, and the goal is clear: get someone to care for them and adopt them. The idea, which began eight years ago with an animal welfare society in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, has become so successful that it receives requests from shelters across the country.

“Animals make me happy. Photographing them isn’t work. It’s a way to unwind mental stress And playtime”, he begins to explain to P3.

With this Comedy, has photographed dozens of cats, birds, pigs and even horses, but while he works with shelters, most of the paintings are portraits of dogs. In her sessions during the Christmas season alone, she photographed more than 300 people, most of whom were already elderly, had health problems or had been waiting a long time for an owner. “Most of the photos are accepted a few days after they are posted,” he says.

In each image, Carroll likes to “show the personality” of the animals in gardens, rivers and even parking lots. “I want people to imagine what it would be like to have that dog or cat as a member of your family. instead [fotografar] “A dog in a carrier or in a shelter room, I show him out, playing, running, holding a ball or standing proudly ready to go to his new home,” she adds.

American, who He adopted two dogs and a cat that he photographed. Created a Facebook page Rescue for rescue There he teaches and guides people to capture images like them. “I tell them where I want the dog to be, so the lighting is perfect. When everything is perfect, I click a button on my computer to take the picture, and then I can edit it.

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Carol has a dream of photographing animals in societies in other parts of the world. AndUntil that day comes, work in the book cProceeds go to the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.

Photographer Joao Acevedo has a similar project in Portuguese shelters and associations, Be My Friend. It’s worth a look Instagram account.

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