Cardinals’ new uniform ‘on the radar’

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The Cardinals last changed their uniforms in 2005, opting for the trendy side panels and tubes look. They could come close to getting rid of their outdated ammunition.

In a large-scale radio appearance he tackled more important questions regarding key players such as Keeler Murray And the Chandler Jones Michael Bidwell, head coach of Cliff Kingsbury, and the Cardinals’ owner, Michael Bidwell, have suggested a change of uniform may be coming.

“We look at all of these things,” Bidwell told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, via Jeremy Claff of Arizona Republic. “You probably know, these things, there’s a timeline for it. It takes time. It’s one of the bunch of things we look at around the team, it’s on the radar screen, so we appreciate the question. . . . we’re going to honor tradition at the same time. Again, it’s Part of the set of things we look at. It’s on the radar screen. “

Standard changes must be approved at least a year in advance. The Cardinals could implement a revised look for the 2023 season.

The franchise has always been tied to a pseudonym that doesn’t really scream “football.” The white helmet with the profile of a somewhat turbulent bird is iconic because it has held out for such a long time.

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