Brazilian music icon Elsa Soros has died

Brazilian singer Elsa Soares passed away at her home in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday at the age of 91. This information was provided by the artist’s contact company.

“We are pleased to inform you that 91-year-old singer and songwriter Elsa Soares died at her home in Rio de Janeiro at 3:45 pm due to natural causes,” the artist’s message said. Official Instagram page.

Elsa Soros was born on June 23, 1930, into a very poor family in Favela, Mosa Bonita. As an inspiration to black women in Brazil and around the world, her life overcame struggles and difficulties.

The artist, who “sang to the end”, says his difficulties have already made him feel like he has lived many lives in the same life, the Brazilian website recalled. Look.

He began his career in Samba in the late 1950s. During his career he released 34 albums, in which, in addition to being the most popular genre in Brazilian culture, he also sang other rhythms such as jazz, hip hop and electronic music. Music. Even at the age of 91, Elsa Soros edited new songs and performed a concert on February 3 in Casa Natura, So Paulo.

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