Bolsonaro has been hospitalized in the United States

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was admitted to the Hospital Celebration Health in Orlando, Florida, USA on Monday.

The newspaper carried the news globe, says the former head of state “claims to have severe abdominal pain”. According to Luis Andre Ferreira, SIC’s correspondent in Brazil, The The episode allegedly took place at the condominium where Bolsonaro lives and friends took him to the hospital.

However, Michel Bolsonaro, Wife of former president of BrazilIt confirmed on Instagram that Jair Bolsonaro has been hospitalized with “abdominal discomfort”.

“We pray for his health and for Brazil. God bless us,” he added.

Rita Rocato

Bolsonaro, who suffered a stabbing in 2018, has been hospitalized for stomach pains on various occasions. The latest happened in November.

Additions to this new hospital next day There are supporters of the former president The Federal Supreme Court, Congress and Planaldo Palace were invaded and damaged. The invasion began after Brazilian far-right militants called for a protest at the Esplanada dos Ministérios in Brasilia.

That night, Bolsonaro responded to the invasion of these companies through social networks. Six hours after the attack, he withdrew from it “Peaceful protests are part of democracy”.

Remember that Jair Bolsonaro has been in the US since the end of 2022Lula da Silva did not attend the inauguration ceremony. According to reporter SIC, there are already five Members of the US Congress have called for Bolsonaro’s extradition Following the attack.

Invasion of Brasilia

Bolsonaro supporters occupied and vandalized the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia on Sunday, drawing condemnation from the international community.

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The Military police regained control of the buildingsIt resulted in a process Hundreds of prisoners.

However, Federal Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes removed Ibanez Rocha, the governor of the Federal District, for 90 days, considering the governor and Anderson Torres, a former defense secretary and Bolsonaro’s former justice minister. They would have acted with indifference and neglect.

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