Baby LAROI feeds and feeds the Missouri restaurant after the concert

Laroy’s child

Dinner and meals after the tour stops

LAROI child His servant was left hanging with a three-figure bill after fleeing an Irish pub and restaurant – that’s what the angry watering-hole manager claims.

LAROI performed on a Tuesday night in Springfield, MO, and afterward, he and a group of friends went to Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant for some food and drinks.

Commissioner Director , gray autumn, per TMZ… The Australian rapper was nice to all of her staff and patrons at first, even posing for pictures with some excited fans — but eventually, they sat LAROI and their partners. in a private room.

Autumn says the group raised their bill and ordered chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, brownies, and more…and even though they went outside for a smoke break during the meal, they assured their server they wouldn’t leave.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened according to the restaurant. When their server tried to get a head start on moving dishes off the table… they found out everyone else walked out.

Once the manager found out about the dinner and the rush, she said they searched the building but TKL and his entourage were long gone.

The total bill was $133.58, and while Autumn acknowledges that it may have been a careless error on LAROI’s part, she points out that servers make most of their money with tips…

Autumn says she tried to contact TKL, but hasn’t heard back. We’ve also reached out to a rep, and so far… no response.

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