Anubis was one of Joa Moura’s bone greyhounds – now he looks like | pet

In February 2020, bullfighter Jono Moura was charged with animal cruelty after 18 of his greyhounds showed signs of malnutrition after they escaped from the Herdade de Montfort in Portalegre.

Anubis, three years old at the time, was part of this pack used in greyhound racing. In addition to the hair, the vets discovered he had a contagious fungus that caused hair loss, sores and skin irritation. The animal was quickly rescued by GNR’s Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), and a case was reported. 32-year-old Patricia Babbo saw it all on television.

“I took a photo of one of the dogs that appeared and I realized that they were asking God’s parents to help pay the expenses. I contacted Cantinho da Milú that same day, sent the attached picture, and said that I wanted to sponsor the dog and help with the expenses,” he explained to P3. begins. He cannot give a reason for choosing the gray dog, but points to the “look” of the animal as a possible justification. AnubisA god of death, carefully chosen.

Anubis Adopted four years ago
Patricia Babbo

“It would mean something if he survived,” recalls the owner, who is also a dog trainer in Vila do Conde.

Despite being a “godmother,” adopting a dog wasn’t part of Patricia and her husband’s plans, as the couple already had five dogs. Half a year later, new Email The association changed their plans: Anubis Already adopted and the association has struggled to understand whether the interest shown by others is genuine or whether the animal will be used again for hunting or racing. With Patricia, they knew he would be safe.

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According to the coach, despite the mistreatment, Anubis He has always been a sociable dog – when he met his new owner in September 2020, he needed a few minutes to gain trust and start running. “He seems to realize we’re there because of him”, he adds, adding that it was only a few months ago that Jono Mora started saying the former owner.

In the home of the new family, Anubis It was getting better every day: the fungus was gone, the fur was growing, and he was petting all the time. However, there were times when he remained still for half an hour and reacted to a call or touch, situations that vets could never explain.

The only problem, the owner says, is the competition she entered when she ran Olivia, the other greyhound in the family. “I didn’t bite, but I bumped her to get her out of the race and it had to work,” he recalled.

Olivia This is Anubis (left to right)
Patricia Babbo

Betting continues to be permitted in Portugal

Of the 18 greyhounds rescued from the João Moura estate, 17 survived. The case has reignited the debate in Portugal about the species of these animals and their treatment. At the time, in reports to the Farbass blog, the bullfighter downplayed the situation by saying he had “some skinny dogs” but insisted he never mistreated them.

However, the Public Ministry did not think the same way, and in 2022 Jono Moura was charged with 18 counts of mistreatment of companion animals, one of which was aggravated. So far, no one has been punished and Mahavir is no exception. In addition, the PAN and Bloco de Esquerda tried to ban the races, but without success.

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Asked about the matches, Patricia says she doesn’t have an “extremist opinion” but that the move lacks legislation that, among other things, allows steroids and shock collars to be used on animals.

“In my work, I talk to greyhounds and hunters and associations that rescue these dogs. “I rehabilitate greyhounds in the context of hunting and racing, and it’s clear that not all are mistreated, but unfortunately there is a large percentage,” he warns.

Although he never raced again, Anubis, who is about to celebrate his seventh birthday, usually runs “at least twice a week” in the company of his owners. He currently weighs 33 kg. “Everyone who knows him thinks he’s adorable. He’s a very calm dog.”

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