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An artist and activist, local MP and fitness instructor / exBoxer – Three cases of anti-war Russians in Ukraine, who fought for indifference (and fear) in Russian society and are still paying for it, Reported to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. The first had health problems, could face up to 10 years in prison, the second had to leave the country, the third was detained and fined for showing an anti-war poster and a copy of the book “Guevara e Pass” – he was reprimanded by a fellow citizen who passed him and decided to call the police.

In the case of journalist / producer Marina Ovsyanikova, she is a Poster behind Pivot on full news broadcast in RussiaThe best known case of rebellion but it has been rated so far More than 8,000 Russian citizens have been detained (Some are still in prison) For protesting against the war that began on February 24 – not those who were fined or threatened to leave the country.

In one of these cases, he had to leave Russia and is still out of the country Nina Belyayeva, A municipal subdivision from the city of Voronezh in southwestern Russia. The deputy, affiliated with the local Communist Party, decided to use a speech at a full session calling President Putin’s invasion, which he has now begun and classified as a “special military operation,” a “war crime.”

“I am against the decision of the President and what is happening today in the territory of sovereign Ukraine war crime“In his speech on March 22, he reminded other delegates that this was a natural speech for El Mundo because he did not intend to talk about it. However, he had already written a lot against the war on his social media in previous weeks.

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One of the other delegates at the session disagreed with Belyayeva, asking what you think of the Russian soldiers who, in the opinion of this Member of Parliament, “generally protect the lives of Russians” in Ukraine. “Your data is incorrect”, the deputy replied: “No one has attacked our country. No one will attack him tomorrow. That’s what the campaigners fell for in your head.

Suddenly, chaos ensued and a scene worthy of a Stalinist court was created in which Beloyeva confronted what was said to be contrary to parliamentary ethics and portrayed as the “enemy of the people.” “I was scared and tried to explain what I was saying – I did not feel hostile to peopleOn the contrary, the enemies of the people are those who support the war and send our soldiers to their deaths [na Ucrânia] And murder ”, he recalled, over the phone in the Spanish newspaper.

“I do not feel the enemy of the people, on the contrary,” says Nina Belyova, deputy mayor.

As a precaution, the deputy left the country a few days later, today, in his face Is on the list of wanted citizensIt was released by the Russian Interior Ministry.

One of the charges against the accomplice is the same crime as hanging over another woman. Sasha Scotchilenko, An artist and social rights activist who spent several weeks in prison – was, in fact, the first person to be detained under a law passed by Putin in early March. The law punishes broadcasters with up to 10 to 15 years in prison.Deliberate misinformation“It simply came to our notice then.

On April 13, a St. Petersburg court ordered Sasha’s arrest, confirming evidence that the artist had visited several stores and changed the price tags of several products with small stickers with anti – war messages.

“Those are the labels you can buy on the internet. A lot of people bought them and spread them in different places – one more person who took part in this movement was Sasha,” El Mundo tells El Mundo, but his girlfriend, also known as Sofia Subodina.

The girlfriend is doing everything to free the artist from prison because not only does he suffer from mental health problems, but she also has to eat celiac, i.e., the one-month special meal allotted to him – and not every day, according to Sofia Subodina.

Sasha Skosilenko suffers from celiac and mental disorders, which further eases his arrest (for now, prevention).

Detention lasts until July 1, but the artist faces the risk of being sentenced to at least five years in prison – however, it could reach 10 years. “Screaming ‘No to war’ is now seen as an extremist condition in RussiaSofia Subodina, who believes that Sasha’s case is being used as an example by Russian authorities to prevent them from publicly expressing their opposition to the war.

“The worst thing is that this war is against our brothers and our neighbors,” lamented Sophia Subodina, adding: “I do not know how Russia can wipe this blood from their hands, it is a shame.

He was arrested for the same crime, but he was released Constantine GoldmanExBoxer Working as a monitor at a gym in Moscow. Lev Tolstoy’s greatest work – “War and Peace” – and with a little protest, he was taken to the police station in El Mundo for deciding to stand in the Alexandre Garden near the Kremlin headquarters. – War poster.

It was close to a monument in the garden that pays homage to the historical heroism of the city of Kiev. He did not shout any slogans, only 10 minutes to “show solidarity with Ukraine”. Within those 10 minutes a woman, also a civilian, decided to pass him by and report him to the police, who immediately rushed to the scene.

“I see everything. I see indifference, rather than fear, while at the same time the price of everything goes up. But People have no critical thinking: they still want to eat and pay off their mortgage“, Speaks to Constantine El Mundo about the problems of Russian public opinion about the war.

“There are supporters of the regime, but they are leaving the country because they think there are no more opportunities [profissionais] Here – I’m ashamed to think so, “says Constantine, one day his comrades are more confident that” when they get more information about what is happening in Ukraine, they will see with different eyes what is happening in Ukraine. “

Constantine Goldman was reprimanded by a fellow citizen for copying “War and Peace” for being quiet in a garden in Moscow.

For those who are already showing their opposition today, those who are not part of the statistics are being retaliated against. “There are many here who will challenge the regime, but many are afraid – They are the majority – because all they have to do is do something like I did and they know what is happening to them, they get a call from the boss and get fired.

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