An angry Carlos Rodon kicked a racket in the dugout and hit a teammate

San Francisco Giants leftist Carlos Rodon is going into his second strong season in a row, which, with his contract scrapped, could set him up for a big off-season winning day.

Not that every start was pure, keep in mind. Last week’s outing against the Dodgers featured five wins earned in five rounds of action, and allowed another five wins last night against the Diamondbacks.

Rodon’s frustration extends to the middle turns, when he returns to the dugout to let out his rage at bat. the problem? His colleague Thiru Estrada was in the path of the bat who was kicked by Rodon furiously:

Just one of those moments where you’ve been thinking, even though you already know the answer is “I wasn’t thinking.” If you watched, there was really nowhere to go to bat except for his teammate. Just an annoying loss of mind and a dangerous situation created. Restraint is very important on a baseball diamond, and apparently also in the dugout.

I don’t almost know what to say, because it’s great that Estrada did so well in the end and stay in the game, but that certainly doesn’t reflect well on a guy like Rodon, hoping for a monster contract in the off-season. He’ll still get paid, yes, but that will come up in conversations about adding this extra year or something.

also? The Giants aren’t likely to become sellers over the next few days (they’re now under 0.500, and 2.5 games from the last Wild Card), but if they decide to pull the plug, you have to wonder if Rodon is just dinged a little bit of his trade value.

Carlos Rodon apparently apologized after the match:

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