After Four Years of #MeToo, Feminism at the Oscars Has Fallen Fast | Oscar Awards 2022

meIf this year’s Oscars had a soul animal, you have to say it was les dawson. Perhaps Dawson is uncharacteristically aggressive and unfunny. But the 94th Academy Awards proved to be an evening unexpectedly rich in ‘indoor’ gags for the boys, while the women stood on the sidelines and made lousy cracks about their bodily flaws.

The most generous possible read for Chris Rock joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, for example, is that he simply finds the idea of ​​a woman with short hair a fun one. That doesn’t seem unlikely after all, his previous gaffe was about the domestic nightmare that awaits poor Javier Bardem if he wins Best Actor, but his miss, Penelope Cruz, failed to win Best Actress. You know what a woman is like!

four years of #Me tooAt the Oscars, feminism has become flimsy and performative by leaps and bounds. This was hard to predict: the dial seemed to spin in only one direction.

in 2018, Kevin Hart has relieved himself of his Oscar duties Just days after he was announced as host, after discovering anti-gay tweets. This year saw the hosts return to the podium for the first time in four years: they are all women, and none have been known to take prisoners. However, under the guidance of upcoming TV producer Will Packer — a longtime collaborator with Hart, as it happens — no one on stage on Sunday seemed as intent on holding back any lead as Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes.

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You know what a woman is like!  Chris Rock performs at the Oscars.
You know what a woman is like! Chris Rock performs at the Oscars. Photo: Robin Beck/AFP/Getty Images

In one sitcom, Sykes dragged Richard as the father of Venus and Serena Williams, seemingly for the sole purpose of complaining about the amount of hair she had to shave off her legs. Schumer’s routine specializes in signaling to the public that she is still shedding all her baby weight, three years after giving birth to her son. Then she dangled from the ceiling in a tight Spider-Man outfit that she transformed into a floating line – human pinatas being beaten with our best stripes.

This was the kind that Rebel Wilson used to run around before her last radical health campaign. As seen at the Baftas two weeks ago, Wilson replaced him instead for a kind of angry hawthorn, with most jokes sticking to the mold of her desperation to perform. who – which private sex on this is specific representative.

The lucky recipient of the sexually desperate wand on Sunday was Hall, a respected and interesting actress, who somehow stated that she was celibate on her first appearance, and on her second appearance, she called out hand-picked actors to audition for Covid “naked,” eventually giving Jason Momoa a big dab.

The longer the night went, the waned Dawson’s effect. Next year, they must recreate the figurine in the image of Benny Hill.

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