After all, the Russian defense minister will hide in a bunker guarded against nuclear attacks – observer

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First, the news of a heart attack that disappeared almost two weeks later. Later, footage released on Russian television on Saturday showed the defense minister chairing a meeting of senior military officials. The whereabouts of the Russian defense minister are not yet fully known. But the Times In advance Now with a scene that illustrates its absence: the possibility of Sergei Shoiku They hid in a bunker guarded against a nuclear attack.

Sergei Shoiku’s aviation history shows it The minister is traveling to a bunker 1,600 kilometers east of Moscow, In Ufa, in the southern Ural Mountains. “This is logical and not entirely surprising,” commented the investigative journalist for the portal Bellingcat Christo Grozev, quoted by the Times.

Since the late 1970s, Russia has built a complex of bunkers in the Ural Mountains, with the aim of locating key political leaders in the event of a nuclear attack. Russia’s defense minister has been in Russia since February 27 Put more caution Nuclear resistance level.

Putin responds to NATO members by placing more vigilant anti-nuclear forces

Sergei Shoigu was one of the key figures in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With a battle, he is expected to deliver news about military exercises – which did not happen until Saturday. This attitude of the Russian minister is contrary to the general image of someone who wants to appear on various TV shows.

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Following the news of the heart attack, Moscow released a video of the Russian defense minister speaking in public

This Tuesday, the minister reappeared, warning that Russia would respond if NATO members provided warplanes and air defense equipment to Ukraine to fight Russian troops. “Exactly”.

Russia warns that it will respond “correctly” if it supports Kiev through NATO flights

Prior to that, Sergei Shoigu would reappear at a ministerial meeting with Vladimir Putin via video conference, although there was a suspicious interruption before the Russian president appeared on screen, a moment that was broadcast live on Russian state television.

The Russian defense minister, who has not been in public for 14 days, is said to have suffered a heart attack following Putin’s accusations.

Anton Zherashchenko, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Currently An adviser to the ministry revealed last Friday that Sergei Shoiku had suffered a heart attack after hearing “serious allegations” from Vladimir Putin about the “complete failure of the invasion of Ukraine”. The veracity of these claims has not been officially confirmed by Russia.

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