Abandoned Spanish village for 30 years is for sale for 260 thousand euros

The Spanish village of Salto de Castro, which has been uninhabited for more than three decades, is for sale for €260,000. Located in the municipality of Fonfría in the province of Zamora, it is 20 kilometers from the border town of Miranda do Touro.

Villa for sale site “Idealista”, which was built to welcome the families of the workers who built the Castro Dam. It was abandoned in 1989 due to personnel transfer and the civic duty to protect the dams.

The village, as described in the real estate ad, had 44 houses, a tavern, a church and a school. In addition, it had an inn with 14 rooms, cafeteria and laundry, a reservoir, swimming pool and sports center.

The village is owned by a group of entrepreneurs who bought it from the Spanish electricity company Iberdrola in early 2000. The intention was to turn the area into a tourist destination, however, due to the 2008 crisis, the plans were cancelled, according to Spanish newspapers.

According to the former owners, it is necessary to invest about two million euros to restore the entire village.

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