A new update to the Quest headphones lets you relax in a room by the mountain

Meta introduces a new virtual office environment for all who work in virtual reality. As part of an upcoming v39 software update to Meta Quest and Quest 2 VR Headphonesyou can be transported to the “Mountain Study” environment, which places you inside a house in a valley surrounded by mountains.

There are some other improvements and small changes coming in update It is being rolled out gradually over the next few weeks. You’ll be able to send content from a share sheet on your iOS device to the Quest headset, giving VR users an easier way to access the content. Similar support was added for Android users in early 2022. To use this feature, make sure the headset’s Bluetooth function is turned on.

Select Oculus within the iOS Share Sheet.
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Finally, multitasking features that were previously buried under the “Experimental” settings pane are now available for general use. The feature lets you cycle between apps you’ve used recently within an interface that shouldn’t seem unfamiliar if you’re comfortable multitasking on a phone or tablet. Meta says more improvements are coming in this space over the next month.

This is a relatively minor software update, but I think I’ll get some exciting news Big VR Game Show at Meta on April 20. We’ll be covering the biggest ads from the show, so stay tuned.

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