A Moscow deputy who criticized the war was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Punishment under new law against press too long – Observer

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Alexei Korinov, a Moscow municipal deputy and prosecutor who criticized the war in Ukraine, was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Russian judge this Friday. It is, to date, the longest sentence under the new law against press freedom in Russia.

Alexei Korinov faces this sentence for saying, At the municipal meetingwhat”All efforts of civil society should be aimed at “stopping the war and withdrawing Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.””, reported The Guardian. This statement was considered by Russian justice “Politics is driven by hate”.

The trial of a Moscow municipal deputy accused of spreading disinformation to oppose the war begins

It is clear that this is a politically motivated decision to intimidate the public and promote peace,” said President Tanya Lokshina. Human Rights Watch to Europe and Central Asia. “This humiliating sentence was intended to discourage Russians from speaking out against the war and expressing discontent.”

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While reading this Friday sentence, inside a glass case, Alexei Korinov held a sign: “Do you still need this battle?

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