A 2-month-old baby suffocated after sleeping on top of his mother

A two-month-old baby was found dead at home in Ambaí, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, on Tuesday, April 18, after his 28-year-old mother fell asleep. Officials are investigating what happened and the body has been shifted to Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), indicating “Globe“The case was declared Manslaughter occurs when there is no intent to kill.

The police were called around 2 p.m., but when they got home they could do nothing to find the child dead in bed,” he writes.Golden Now“. The mother had unconsciously slept on top of the baby and when she woke up the baby was not breathing.

The child’s body, which does not even have a birth certificate, will undergo an autopsy.

Such cases have happened before due to exhaustion of mothers. For example, in October last year, a mother fell asleep while breastfeeding her baby and reportedly died of suffocation.UOL“.

This year, in January, a similar situation happened to a mother who was exhausted after a 17-hour labor, but due to lack of staff at the hospital, the woman was forced to nurse her baby and she did not realize that she was suffocating the baby.

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