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The city of Moscow in the US state of Idaho has been in the news for a month. Because four students at the University of Idaho were brutally murdered in the early morning hours of November 13. A month later, little is known about the contours of the crime.

Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, ages 20 and 21, were stabbed to death in a home on campus. Post-mortem results suggest that the youth died in the early hours of the morning between 3 am and 4 am.

“The injuries are massive. We’ve had homicides in the past, but nothing as severe as these student homicides. There was a lot of blood in the apartment. It’s shocking to see four college kids dead in one apartment,” explained Kathy Mapbutt, the medical examiner for Latha County, Idaho. “NBC News”.

Young Idaho

Affected youth.

Credit: Twitter

” data-title=” idaho youth – 4 students stabbed to death A month later, no one knows what happened – MAGG”>

Affected youth. Credit: Twitter

Therefore, taking into account the extent of injuries presented by the bodies of the youths, the doctor said that the murder weapon was not a “pocket knife” but could not have been a large one. He also insisted that with 16 years of career behind him, he has never experienced such a gruesome scene.

In the days that followed, Moscow city officials tried to downplay citizens’ concerns, dismissing the possibility of a killer on the loose who could endanger the safety of the local community. However, they had to go back because they couldn’t find out the details of the murders, and says they don’t know exactly what happened. “The New York Times”. Here’s what we know.

Hours of happiness before sadness

Hours before the murders took place, students had used the night of Saturday, November 12, to go out at night. Ethan and Sana join a campus party at a fraternity [fraternidade, em português – residências estudantis típicas da cultura universitária norte-americana, que contam com nomes e rituais de iniciação próprios]🇧🇷 The other two victims, Madison and Kaylee, decided to go to a bar, where they stayed until 1:30am. “CNN International🇧🇷🇧🇷

Students from the same bar passed by the trailer, where they ordered food, and the stop was recorded on surveillance cameras. Later, they rode away and left the place, information confirmed by the authorities, the same publication explains.

Minutes before 2 a.m., a neighbor’s surveillance camera showed the two friends walking home. Once inside, phone records show that between 2:26 a.m. and 2:52 a.m., Kayleigh and Madison made a series of calls to Jack Ducoir, Kayleigh’s ex-boyfriend, who went unanswered. While Jack may be a suspect, the Gonsalves family has already said they fully trust the young man and know he is not responsible for the crimes.

All the images from the surveillance cameras of the places where the young people were that night were published in the American press and social networks, with the aim of gathering information that could help the investigation. – Completed with no effect.


Ethan Chapin, Chana Kernodle, Madison Mohan and Kaylee Goncalves weren’t the only ones in the house, which was set up as a crime scene. When the four friends were killed, two other householders were present but were not hit.

The home has six bedrooms, two on each floor, where two of the victims’ roommates were sleeping when the murders occurred, authorities said. When they awoke, they ended up asking some friends to stay at the house because they believed one of the young women who lived upstairs had “passed out and not woken up,” explains “The New York Times.” .

Idaho House

Home of victims.

Credit: Twitter

” data-title=” idaho house – 4 students stabbed to death. A month later, no one knows what happened – MAGG”> Idaho House

Home of victims. Credit: Twitter

After friends arrived, someone from the group called 911 shortly before noon. When police arrived, the victims were on the second and third floors. The housemates were interrogated, but inspectors decided to remove them from the suspect list and not release their identities.

A month later, how is the trial going?

A month has passed since that night. Even as more and more clues emerge, there are still more questions than answers. The last two developments concerned a car found near the crime scene and body camera footage of some police officers who were intervening with a group of youths near the victim’s home.

Starting this Friday, Dec. 9, authorities are asking for information from anyone who saw a white Hyundai Elantra they believe was in the area around the crime scene on the night of the murders, according to the report. “CNN International”🇧🇷 The car seems like a suitable clue, as its occupants may have seen something to help solve the mystery.

Idaho Car

Car model required.

Credit: Twitter

” data-title=” idaho car – 4 students stabbed to death. A month later, no one knows what happened – MAGG”> Idaho Car

Car model required. Credit: Twitter

As for the bodycam images, these appear to be important because they were captured by plainclothes police on the night of the murders, close to the crime scene. Although these videos show an intervention that has nothing to do with the death, there is one aspect that deserves some attention as the officers intervened with a group of minors who had consumed alcohol.

In the background, a group of policemen can be seen speeding by two houses away from the crime scene. The images highlight Olivia Vitale, a young woman who creates true crime content who hopes to have a team of authorities with important information. “Daily Mail”.

While no one has been named as a suspect (not officially, at least), nor has the murder weapon been found, there is still much to investigate. However, one thing is certain: “We are still 100% committed to solving this crime,” Moscow City Police Officer Roger Lanier said this Monday, December 12, as quoted by “CNN International”.

“As we do not want to compromise this investigation, we are not releasing specific details. This is what we have to do. We owe it to the families and victims. We want a conviction rather than an arrest.

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