3 concrete reasons why Street Fighter 6 should be released within this two month period

Available now… not quite

The clock is ticking closer to Imminent countdown Getting to zero tomorrow night with all the signs that it seems like it’s time to see Street Fighter 6 debut in the world, but when are we actually going to play it?

From our research through to the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 season finale, there are 3 very concrete reasons why Street Fighter 6 is launching in a very special two month period.

So for a release date, you have to obviously have a year… and a good one in mind, as all three reasons fully support each other when narrowing it all down to a period of 60 days at most.

The first of course is Street Fighter’s next connection to the Capcom Pro Tour while the other two relate to how Capcom has preferred to advertise and release their games over the past five years or more.

We will start talking about esports, but for those who are just waiting for the answer… what you are looking for is January – February 2023.

The Capcom Pro Tour is the longest-running and most popular professional fighting game circuit in the entire genre, and the company isn’t showing any signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

Pretty much every Capcom investor publication in the past few years has reaffirmed its position by placing more shares in esports, and that will be doubly true with an exciting new game on the horizon.

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The way CPT relates back to narrowing the release window is the consistent time period in which events officially begin.

Throughout the life of Street Fighter 5, CPT launched either in March or April, which will make SF6’s release happen sometime sooner if they want to continue business as usual.

If Street Fighter 6 gets into players’ hands later in the year, it will set back the entire competitive season or force Capcom to split the year between old and new games – which I doubt anyone would want.

While offline events and major fighting games remain a question mark in 2022, Capcom will likely fund a bit on full revenue in 2023 to help push its new game back into more than just online CPT tournaments.

Missing early events like the World Finals would also highlight their competitors like Bandai Namco, Arc System Works and SNK, and I’m sure they’re looking to avoid all of the potential issues mentioned above by trying to make sure the SF6 is ready to trade after Short period of the new year.

We recently looked at more What does Capcom look like in realitybut what about when they are chosen for their presentation?

To get an accurate release date, you need a year to go with it, so how did we conclude that 2023 is pretty much the only option?

If you look back at Capcom’s big hits over the past 4-5 years like Resident Evil Village, Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil 2 Remake, they all launched less than a year after they were first revealed. in global.

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Other companies may have trouble announcing their games too soon, but that’s not something Capcom has encountered in recent history except for the now-delayed Pragmata.

Operating under the persistent assumption that Street Fighter 6 will be revealed tomorrow after that, we should expect to see it released sometime before February 20, 2023.

It’s just kinda simple.

Except for Marvel vs.Capcom: Infinite, the first three months of the year were popular The It’s time for Capcom’s new fighting games, but that’s been expanded to more of the company now, too.

In a similar fashion to the latter reason (but to a different result), the vast majority of Capcom’s newest AAA titles (including DMC5, RE2, MHR and also Monster Hunter: World) were released before the end of March in the respective years.

That’s because it’s part of the first quarter of the year, but more importantly, January-March is the fourth and final quarter of Capcom’s fiscal year.

The simplest reason why this is so important to them is because those big games are making the year-end financials look better than they would otherwise.

This in theory leads to higher earnings and shares as a result, giving Capcom more money to work with on its next projects.

It makes sense that Street Fighter 6, like Street Fighter 5 before it, is aiming hard for this fiscal fourth quarter because the series remains Capcom’s third bestseller of all time.

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The above reasons will probably prevent SF6 from the March release window, so it is in January or February.

Big video game development is a fickle process, especially right now, so there’s still little chance that Street Fighter will need to be pushed beyond its target although delays at Capcom have been fairly rare in recent years as well.

We might not be left waiting for much longer to see when the next Street Fighter game will be on our hands, considering that the countdown will end just hours from now.

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