2022 Winter Olympics live updates: the latest news and results from Beijing

credit…Fabrizio Bench/Reuters

China’s Su Yiming finished off the figure skating competition in Beijing on Tuesday with a victory in the men’s big air, claiming a win in the air after already taking first place on the podium before his final round. China took its first medal in the event, which was added to the Olympic program in 2018.

Norway’s Mons Roysland took the silver, while Max Parrott of Canada finished the bronze.

It was a showcase of some of Shougang Park’s most technical snowboarding tricks, complete with twists, twists, and turns performed at gravity-defying heights. Yiming, the 17-year-old student who made his debut at the Beijing Olympics, was a favorite when he attended the event. Yiming will leave the games with a silver medal in downhill skating style as well as a big gold medal he took in the air.

In the women’s big air on Tuesday, Austrian Anna Jacir won the gold, ahead of New Zealand’s Zoe Sadowski Sinnott in second, and Japan’s Kokomo Murasi in third.

In 2019, Jacir made history by being the first woman to do so double cork cab land 1260 – Three and a half laps on her skateboard, two of them over the head. She made history with the same trick again on Tuesday when she became the first consecutive Olympic gold medalist in the Women’s Big Air Championships.

Jacir, then 30, the oldest female contestant in a field with an average age of 20, set the tone early in the final, executing perfectly at 1080 in her first run. But Sadovsky-Synot quickly overtook Jacir with her 1080 front end, and moved into the lead, staying until the last time Jasser ran.

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Jacir is one of the most daring contestants in the sport and the only woman to own it Triple cork landed – Three swings are done alternately. So when she settled on her last run—her only chance to encounter Sadowski-Synnott—the figure skating world waited in an anticipated triple stop. Instead, Jasper She got her third run in a 1260 . cab She proudly threw her hands in the air as other passengers ran up and hugged her.

With another chance to reclaim first place, Sadovsky Sinnot, a confident and consistent jockey, failed to land by jumping, to hand the gold to Jacir.

Last week, Sadovsky Sinnot became the first New Zealand athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics when she won the tilt swimming competition. Slopestyle is a kind of big air big brother, featuring a long set of snags, rails, and jumps; Big Air is one giant leap with spin and twists.

Each of the riders had three jumps, and the two best scores were added, at the discretion of the committee, to determine the winner.

A young and talented women’s group was competing in Beijing, although some of the most promising contestants failed to make it to the podium. Australian Tess Cody, the bronze medalist in downhill swimming, finished eighth after two disappointing rounds.

There were some missing faces from the women’s final too, including Jimmy Anderson From the United States, the most crowned snowboarder of the last decade, which was a disappointment Winter Games He finished without making it to the last round. Fellow American Julia Marino, who won the silver medal in the tilt swim, chose to get out of the big air due to an injury she sustained in training. Hailey Langland, the only American in the final, finished last.

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In a sport that revolves around progression, a landmark moment came after Japan’s Raira Iwabuchi, who finished fourth in 2018 and was a strong medal contender this year, finished off a three-cork shot past Jacir so far. , but the Other knights celebrated it anyway.

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