2022 March Madness Live: NCAA Championship Arc, College Basketball Results, Friday 1st Round Updates

The first weekend of the NCAA 2022 Championship continues Friday with another loaded first-round roster as 32 teams compete in 16 games in hopes of advancing to the second round. The No. 7 seed Ohio State defeated the No. 10 seed Loyola-Chicago 54-41 to start the day and the action will deepen into the evening hours amid the captivating Friday night window.

Friday’s roster also comes with March Madness’ debut with No. 2 seed Duke and coach Mike Krzyzewski, whose career is still one loss – or six wins – far from over. The legendary college basketball personality will lead the Blue Devils against #15 seed Cal State Fullerton at 7:10 p.m. on CBS.

Then, late into the night, come some highly anticipated matches, starting with the No. 5 seed Houston facing the No. 12 UAB seed. Soon after, at 9:40 p.m., No. 10 seed Davidson and lead scorer Foster Lauer will face his former team as the No. 10 seed Wildcats play at Michigan State. The winner of that game will likely step up to play the role of Duke.

CBS Sports will update this story with the latest from every first round match. Keep scrolling beyond the table below to update the live scores, analysis and highlights during the evening as we track the chaos through one of the best days of the year in American sports.

2022 NCAA Tournament TV Schedule

(7) Ohio State 54, (10) Loyola Chicago 41
a summary

(4) Illinois vs. (13) Chattanooga
6:50 PM | TNT | Watch it live

(2) Auburn 80, (15) Jacksonville State 61
a summary

(2) Duke vs (15) Cal State Fullerton
7:10 pm | CBS | Watch it live

(3) Texas Tech 97, (14) Montana State 62
a summary

(6) LSU vs. (11) Iowa
7:20 PM | TBS | Watch it live

(3) Bordeaux 78, (14) Yale 56
a summary

(1) Arizona vs. (16) Wright State
7:27 PM | truffle | Watch it live

(2) Villanova vs. (15) Delaware
2:45 pm | CBS | Watch it live

(5) Houston vs (12) UAB
9:20 PM | TNT | Watch it live

(7) USC vs. (10) Miami
3:10 pm | truffle | Watch it live

(7) Michigan State vs. (10) Davidson
9:40 PM | CBS | Watch it live

(6) Alabama vs (11) Notre Dame
4:15 pm | TNT | Watch it live

(3) Wisconsin vs. (14) Colgate
9:50 PM | TBS | Watch it live

(6) Texas vs (11) Virginia Tech
4:30 PM | TBS | Watch it live

(8) Seton Hall vs (9) TCU
9:57 PM | truffle | Watch it live

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