18th day of war in Ukraine: Diplomatic developments do not allay fears of disaster

The Polish president has warned that NATO could intervene militarily in the war if Russia seeks chemical weapons. However, on the 18th day of the war, there seemed to be diplomatic progress between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine’s presidential adviser says talks have been reached The most promising point since the beginning of the war, May have positive results that will even allow an agreement to be reached between the parties in the coming days. On the Russian side, there is also talk of significant progress.

Vladimir Putin, without elaborating Agreed to positive changes in the negotiations Happens in video format.

Reiterates that Ukraine is maintaining its initial position Do not give In any issue of policy that led to the Russian attack.

Although this much-desired ceasefire agreement has not been reached, the number of casualties and the path of destruction are increasing every hour and NATO is approaching the border. The use of chemical weapons in Moscow remains an open scene.

The Polish president warns that if this red line is crossed, NATO may reconsider its initial decision and advance militarily in this war.

NATO fears that Putin has already lost the war politically and has not won a military victory. Can be ordered to use weapons of mass destruction.

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