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Smart Wool Angel Collinson PhD Pro Free Ski

£26.99 www.smartwool.com

Designer by pro skier Angel Collinson these socks look great on your feet. The thickness varies throughout the sock, most noticeably around the heel, to ensure you get cushioning in the right places – important if you’ll have your ski boots on all day. The intricate owl stitching on the back of the calf reduces the stretch of the material compared to the rest of the sock so you will feel some compression, but it didn’t cause any issues in my boots. There was no bobbling or wear visible after a few days of wearing them. My feet did get sweaty but since they are made from merino wool they didn’t smell too bad and the amount of moisture was nothing out of the ordinary. They are designed for a narrower foot, but I found they worked just as well with my wider feet. Finally, they washed well and retained their shape.

► Verdict: Cushioning in all the key areas for maximum comfort.

► Best for: Skiing like a pro.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70