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Win! Salomon Ski Boots Worth £400!

Win! Salomon Ski Boots Worth £400!

Planning on charging down the piste or pootling in the powder? If there’s one key piece of kit that can make optimise a happy experience, it’s your own pair of ski boots. Salomon make it their mission to maximise boot comfort, with no compromise on performance of course.

S/Max 120 Boot for Men
This model debuts Salomon’s radical new way of building their boots. A close fit, stiff frame is covered with thinner shell walls, for more sensitivity and better transmission. It makes them amongst the lightest, most powerful boots on the market.   Salomon’s Sense Amplifier, a softer plastic at the top of front cuff section, is joined solidly to the power strap for quicker rebound and better snow feel. The liner hasn’t been ignored either, a clever seamless design saves weight and reduces potential pressure points, and the new Custom Shell HD moulding system is faster and more effective than ever before, resulting in a better shape more comfort and precision.

XPro 90 Boot for Women
It doesn’t take a genius to point out that women’s calves and feet tend to be a different shape to those of men, so choose a women’s specific model such as the X Pro 90W.  It has a calf adjuster, oversize pivot for better transmission and  is 15% lighter than other boots on the market thanks to the chassis material and lightweight foam.

Custom fit
Always make sure your boots are fitted by an experienced fitter – they will heat mould the shells and liners to your foot shape and can make adjustments around anomalies such as particularly prominent ankle bones, or high insteps.  The winner of our prize will be invited into their nearest Snow & Rock store for their personalised fitting.

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