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Wigwam Pacific Crest Pro

£22 www.wigwam.com

The brand reckon these are ‘peak to pub’ but there’s more going on here than just nice stripes. The mix here is heavy on the stretch nylon, lighter on the Merino (47% to 30%) with the remainder made up of a poly and spandex mix. As a result they are very cool and breathable to wear, shed moisture well but get smellier sooner than a sock with higher wool content. They are quite tight on the ankle and calf, a little like a knee-high compression sock, which I’ve found can help reduce lactic acid buildup on long days but means they are not as instantly comfortable as others here. However, I think these are excellent summer hiking and running socks. Even on a multiday walk, these should wash fairly quickly and dry fast when safety pinned to your rucksack.

VERDICT: Lightweight, cool and quick drying, technical sock.

BEST FOR: Summer running and hiking.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd