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Viking Cygnus Monocular 8×42

£49.95 www.vikingoptical.co.uk

The odd one out here for obvious reasons, and so it feels a little unfair to do a direct comparison… but in terms of optical quality the Cygnus was a pleasure to use. A cool colour temperature and really very sharp despite only having a single focus adjuster, and while viewing through its single eyepiece could not match the binoculars for three-dimensionality or picture steadiness, the weight and size was fantastic on backpacks for spotting distant herds of deer and spying out possible campsites. It’s coated in chunky rubber and lenses at either end are well protected by rubber caps. I really enjoyed using this in situations where I wouldn’t normally bother to carry something bigger and heavier. Weight 290g.

▶ Best for: Backpackers, walkers, occasional wildlife use.

▶ Verdict: Great value and very durable.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern