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Trangia Triangle


And now for something completely different. The Triangle is by far the most simple stove tested here: an easily constructed metal triangle cradles a small pot which you then fill with gel fuel (Bio-Ethanol). The whole thing weighs just over 120g (without fuel), so it’s very light. And there’s something quite satisfying about cooking on a kind of naked flame rather than a jet. But it’s a messier process than using a gas canister and it doesn’t perform as well either, with my best boil time for 0.5L going over 6 minutes on a breezy day, and you need to factor in that there is no burn control at all. At £23 though, it’s inexpensive, and the gel sachets, produced by Vango, are cheap and easy to carry. A different cooking experience and one that works quite well.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding