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Tilley Wanderer

£70 www.tilley.com

Tilley hats are stone cold classics. I’ve many friends who swear by them for warmer weather walking, but the Wanderer was my first try. It’s made of simple and very durable cotton ‘duck’, and the Wanderer is prewashed for a more relaxed style. It easily shrugs off a bit of rain, and I’m told even floats (though I’ve not tried). I have enormous ears which do catch the sun and so it’s been great to have decent sun protection (UPF50+), with a brim that can moved around or pinned up depending on where the sun is. The fabric is thick and I assumed would be hot, but that mostly hasn’t been the case. There’s even a little secret pocket in the top. It does catch the wind, which in the UK can be an issue, but there’s a robust cord strap to stop it flying off your head, and get the fit right (easy to do online) and it’s much less likely to go astray. All in all, I can now see why these are so popular. Chapeau, Tilley.

► Verdict: A simple, robust hat for life.

► Best for: Warm weather head protection.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern