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Thule Chariot 2 – Editor’s Choice




£999 www.thule.com 

There’s not a duff item in this selection, but even among these, this is design and engineering at its best. It’s scary expensive… or is it? What if you need a pram, which is also a jogger, you also like to take the kids cycling and maybe even ski touring (!)… then this is it. Given that parents spend hundreds on just one of those things it starts to look a bit more reasonable.


It folds up small enough to get into a hatchback car, there’s room for 2 kids up to 5 years old (also comes as a single seat version), there’s ample storage at the back in a massive collapsible ‘boot’, the seats recline individually, the 3 way seatbelts are easy to adjust and attach, the suspension is solid and the wheels offer enough clearance for some pretty rough off-road terrain. There’s a rain cover to protect the kids from the wet, and a zipped mesh for when it’s not raining. If you are using with a cycle, it’s a good idea to attach a rear mudguard! The attachment points for the bike are simple and robust, and the build quality is exceptional.

It could use a small opening at the top to pass in snacks, and perhaps the bottom half of the mesh cover should be solid material to stop mud splashes, but otherwise, for getting off the beaten track with dependents this has been a game changer. We’ve been able to load it up with gear and go off for bone fide adventures without having to worry about little legs getting tired. If you’re a prospective parent, haven’t bought a pram yet and want to stay active after the kid(s) arrive, don’t – get this instead!

► Verdict: Durable, tough and extremely well thought out bike buggy and jogger.

► Best for: Active parents who want to leave the car behind, family adventures.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern