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Thermarest Evolite Plus


Brand new from the Thermarest stable, and incredibly innovative; the Evolite Plus is basically a beefed-up, 4-season version of the popular Evolite self-inflating mat. Warmth may have been increased significantly – it now has an impressive 6.4cm of loft; but the weight penalty isn’t too bad at all – 690g for the regular-size compared to 520g for the standard. It uses an Ultralight AirFrame™ Construction, which alternates foam and air channels to reduce weight while keeping plenty of loft. It also employs ThermaCapture™ Technology, which is basically a series of reflective layers that reduce radiant heat loss. It’s cut tight of course – essential to minimise weight but also useful if you need to slip it inside a bivvy bag – but that loft really does feel comfortable, and it’s warm too – although it’s so new, I haven’t had a chance to try it down into the minuses yet. Packed down, it’s 20cm x 14cm – so just bigger than A5…


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding