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Terra Nova Southern Cross 2


A freestanding 4-season tent with 2 doors, this pitches as one unit and has a very respectable weight. As the name suggests the poles cross, in a T shape overhead and with a Y at each end, which means a lot of usable space inside, even at the foot ends. It’s not as spacious as a tunnel design but there’s enough room for top to toe sleeping and you do get 2 porches, which is fantastic for organising gear into wet/dry, or for making room for cooking out of the wind. Crucially, the poles support the porch structure, which means less flappy, noisy fabric and overall a very weather worthy shelter which survived high winter winds very well on test. Ventilation is also excellent and condensation minimal – there are large mesh hatches at either end and porch doors can be vented from the top. There’s a shallow bathtub groundsheet, but only 1 pocket inside. I really liked the Southern Cross, but for a UK backpacking tent I wanted to see slightly thicker DAC poles than the approx. 8mm used. The shelter performed well once erected but the poles seem a little fragile when handling. Weight 2290g


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd