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Suunto Traverse – Best Buy




£325 www.suunto.com

Although the display on the Suunto Traverse isn’t as eye-catching as
others in the Finnish brand’s range, it belies some impressive features in a straightforward 80g package custom built for mountain users. You get the expected GPS-based location system, displayable in an OS grid reference (and many other formats) if you wish or even guiding you on a pre-planned route, a barometer reading to alert you to sudden drops in pressure that typically preface storms, accurate altitude and distance and temperature stats, a digital compass and even a handy automatic “breadcrumb trail” function to retrace your steps if you become lost in unfamiliar terrain. Partly thanks to that basic display it offers a solid 100 claimed hours of battery life, even whilst recording and tracking your activity. It certainly kept going longer than any of the other units I tested. Particularly thoughtful was the backlight “flashlight” mode for when you need a small emergency light (perhaps in your tent) and the small details on display such as sunset/sunrise timings. If your concerns are more wilderness outdoorsy than fitness-based, this is a superb buy.

VERDICT: A quality mountain tool that does all you need and nothing you don’t.

BEST FOR: Wilderness pursuits.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel