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Suunto Spartan Sport

£399 www.suunto.com

Immediately pleasing to the eye, the Spartan Sport offers a colourful touchscreen function on top of solid multi-sport features. It’s GPS-enabled, which means you can closely track any of your runs, cycles and swims, while the 80 different activity modes feedback different data to you depending on your choice. It then offers a raft of training insights such as suggested recovery times and personal bests – essentially offering encouragement and support to you and becoming more valuable the more you use it in your weekly exercise routine. At 70g and with a comfy silicone strap it’s unobtrusive on the wrist, while the touchscreen and simple three-button selection makes it easy and swift to consult and adjust whilst on the move. I also found its nicely stylised digital display of an analogue watch face extremely pleasing – this is a timepiece you’ll want to keep on in social situations too, and it won’t look too obvious or showy when you do. The price is reasonably high considering its fitness focus, but for some users it’ll be the perfect buy.

VERDICT: An excellent sports-centric training partner with great colour touchscreen looks.

BEST FOR: Race events.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel