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Sunwise Parade Grey

£64.99 www.shop.sunwise.co.uk

The lightest and most flexible pair in my roundup, Sunwise are a UK company making quality polarised sunglasses. New for 2017, there’s very little in the way of glare, reflections or refractions from the Parade, and a half frame means great visibility at the edges of the glasses, with no plastic to obstruct your view, and also means they clear from mist and fog very quickly indeed. They aren’t ‘extreme’ sunnies as that half frame also means light leaks in around the edges a little, but for everyday hiking, running, biking and watersports these are great. They are rated cat 3, and the tint is more on the green/blue spectrum and less on the brown – which makes them less suited for harsher climes but perfect for the greens and blues of the UK. I was particularly taken with the ‘flexible’ nose pad, which can be adjusted for a personal fit, which allows for those (like me) with wonky faces! DL

VERDICT: Comfortable and tough all-rounders.

BEST FOR: Running, hiking, biking and watersports.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd