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Sherpa Nangpala Hooded Jacket


The Nangpala weighs a respectable 425g and sits in the traditional down jacket camp: it’s intended to keep you warm. But that blend of down is extremely innovative, as it consists of 70 per cent 750-fill goose down mixed with 30 per cent Primaloft fibres. Sherpa claims that this combination “absorbs water ten times slower than 100 per cent down, retains 95 per cent of its warmth if it does get wet, and dries four times faster”. Combine this with the DWR-treated ripstop outer and you’ve got a down jacket that won’t shrivel and fail if exposed to light moisture. Add in the meaty hem cinches and elasticated cuffs and this is a very warm jacket for the weight. The trilogy of hand and chest pockets are handy and nicely lined too. The only disappointment is the helmet-compatible hood. When uncinched it’s vast, like traditional Inuit dress, and though warm is ungainly and unusable in wind. When the – frankly, awkward – cinches are deployed it immediately obscures the eyes, making it entirely unusable. A shame on such an otherwise brilliant jacket.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel