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Sherpa Jumla – Best Buy

£25 www.sherpaadventuregear.co.uk

This is the hat I’ve worn most over the test period. It’s one of two simple beanies here; lambswool on the outside and part lined on the inside with Polarfleece. The wool is relatively loose knit – just enough to be the right kind of breathable but tight enough to retain its shape over time. The Polarfleece extends around the forehead and ears, to reduce any itchy feeling from the wool, but leaves the top of the head covered by just one layer of fabric. I find this not to warm when walking, but cosy enough with a hood when at rest. It’s generously sized too, so doesn’t squash your ears if worn all day – something that can cause as much earache as a blast of arctic mountain wind. The Jumla is hand knitted in a women’s coop in Nepal, too. Probably my perfect beanie. Weight 100g.

VERDICT: Simple but effective protection from the elements.

BEST FOR: Pretty much everything. Not too warm for autumn or spring, warm enough for winter.