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Scarpa Marmolada Pro OD Boots – Best Buy




£225 www.scarpa.co.uk

Thanks to the good lugs in the sole, these B1 boots provided excellent grip, giving you confidence in each move from small toe holds to larger steps, even on looser ground. They were comfortable and supportive, even for wider feet, especially after wearing them on consecutive days in the mountains. The cushioning in the tongue and around the ankle provides just enough support without being too rigid and ensuring they don’t rub. They remained breathable even after long sessions over technical terrain. There was just the right amount of flex in the sole, so they didn’t feel too stiff, but they still allowed each foot placement to be precise. Specialised insoles also fit easily inside. Despite much use, including scuffing on rock, the suede upper was very durable. At 1260g per pair they feel light on your feet, so your legs won’t tire so quickly. The standard colours for the women’s boots are reef water/coral (teal and peach) but if you prefer a more serviceable colour you can find a grey women’s version if you search the internet hard enough.

► Verdict: Absolutely perfect for long days in the mountains.

► Best for: Any technical ground including scrambling and trekking trails.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70