Home Safety and Emergency SATMAP ACTIVE 12 GB EDITION (UK OS 1:50K MAPPING) £450


Satmap Active12

This is a workhorse GPS that is a great option for someone expecting to get a lot of heavy use from their device, especially in a professional or mountain rescue setting. Satmap GPS units are relatively bulky, but the superb 3.5” high-resolution screen takes up a big part of this, which is large and easy to see, even in bad light. The Active 12 has seen some big improvements on the older Active 10, including a Bluetooth facility (to talk to HR band or cadence sensor), barometric altimeter, and I’ve noticed an overall enhancement to the sensitivity, speed and performance when navigating. Peer to peer sharing allows routes and waypoints to be exchanged between units, great for team data sharing in the field. Battery life is pretty good – it will chug along happily all day in cold weather. It can be charged via the USB cable supplied, economical if you expect to use it a lot, and it also comes with a battery pack for Lithium AAA batteries if you are away from a power source for a while. The one drawback to this GPS is that the operating system is frustratingly complex, with endless nesting menus, none of which seem intuitive on first use, plus lots and lots of buttons. This is not a gadget that can be switched on and used straight out of the box. The package is pricey, but comes with Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps for the whole of the UK. The bright screen, coupled with button controls that are designed to be glove-friendly, make this a superb choice for use in foul weather, especially in winter, when it would definitely be my first choice of GPS unit. Weight 200g.