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Runderwear Women’s Support Running Bra – Editor’s Choice




£45 www.runderwear.co.uk

There is no denying the quality of support this bra provides for high impact activities (or even low impact) because it is so comfortable. The fit is obviously snug, ensuring there is no jiggle when running or completing a HIIT session, but it doesn’t feel restrictive. You can choose a size that fits you perfectly and the bra comes with instructions to ensure you adjust it properly. There are two pads that can be inserted in a pocket on the cups, which I used consistently to prevent any issues with nipples showing through my t-shirt. It was a struggle to get into. Access is over the head, and I don’t have big shoulders, but it was a real effort and I ended up ripping some stitching. It is an attractive piece of sports underwear. Finally, the washing instructions are woven into the hem so there are no labels to chafe or cut out. It washes well and has retained its support after a lot of use.

▶Verdict: Tough to get into but definitely worth it.

▶Best For: High impact activities were perfect for this bra.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70