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Runderwear Merino Brief – Best Buy & Editor’s Choice




£25 www.runderwear.co.uk

It’s hard not to feel kindly disposed towards undies that have “DON’T RUN COMMANDO” smoothly stitched into the inner waistband in bright turquoise. Fortunately this effort from Runderwear can feel rightly proud of itself. Bearing in mind that this is a merino wool-based product, so it does tend to dampen quicker and wick slower than synthetic alternatives, it still makes for an excellent multi-sports choice. This may be due to the fabric mixture of polyester, polyamide and elastane which transmit an impressive amount of stretch and comfort alongside the merino’s odour resistance and breathable warmth. They’re pleasingly basic in design, with good crotch support, a supportive hem and little else. As a brief there’s little here to ride up beneath your walking trousers or interfere with your running shorts. There are well-judged heat-release sections in sweat build-up areas (e.g. below the hem at the rear) and when in use I’ve found them instantly forgettable: surely the highest compliment you can pay a set of underwear?

VERDICT: Buy, wear, forget. An excellent, well-priced, catch-all choice for outdoor activities.

BEST FOR: Running, walking and everything in between. 

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel