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Rivelo Burway Gloves (Navy/Red)

£30 www.sportpursuit.com

A smart, lightweight, 3 season fingerless glove, replete with reflective details on the fingers. The mesh on the top of the glove and the laser pin hole logo on the palm is designed to help with breathability. There are 2 sections of padding on the palm area of the mitt, which work well for both easier terrain (resting the palm on the bars) and offers a bit of protection for more technical descents. They also feature a soft towelling thumb wipe, and two, fairly large finger tab/loops, really useful for removing the gloves after a downpour. The velcro closure on the top of the hand provides a flexible, unisex fit, although men especially might want to size up as this is a close-fitting mitt. Overall, a very practical and well-designed glove that fits comfortably and protects the hands for all types of cycling terrains.

▶Verdict: Lightweight protection at a good price.

▶Best for: Everyday road and gravel, easier MTB riding.

Review by Sarah Stirling @sarahstirling