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Rapha Souplesse Training Jacket

£160 www.rapha.cc

The first things I notice are that this jacket comes up very small — checking other reviews proves that others have found the same — and that it is beautifully made, like all Rapha gear. Reading the info on the website I find that the Souplesse range is designed to fit close to the body and is cut for an on bike position. Riding into the wind, the three-layer Polartec front panel works well as a blocker, while the water-repellant, fleece-backed rear panel stops me overheating. I can only fit a base layer underneath, but this turns out to be an ideal combination, keeping me warm but not too hot. The colours pop well in traffic, and are jazzy yet stylish. Other high visibility elements are built in around the jacket in a similarly classy way. The rear pockets are roomy and easy to get items into and out of, while a small zipper pocket holds small items like keys.

▶Verdict: Ideal for giving extra motivation on cold mornings and cloudy days.

▶Best for: Skinny, trendy cyclists.

Review by Sarah Stirling @sarahstirling