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Rab Superlite Shelter 4 £80

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As an outdoor instructor I’m used to carting bothy shelters around, it’s good safety practice and as well as being a life saver, they are great ice breakers and have made many a windswept lunch spot habitable. This version from Rab is the lightest of any that I’ve tried. I recently sized it up against a colleague’s standard issue model and watched him go several shades of green in envy. It packs to about the same size as a Nalgene waterbottle and weighs just 320g. It is certainly bijou- will just about take four people, and if I had to give CPR to a prone casualty, it would be tight for space. For my work therefore it’s more of a three person shelter, and very handy at that. For ordinary hill goers, it’s a family sized but very lightweight emergency shelter.