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PowerWatch Series 2

£499 www.powerwatch.com

The more you use it, the more you charge it using your body’s heat. For those who don’t trust that idea, the watch comes with a solar panel and backup charging pad. Watching the bespoke app to see how much energy your body has generated is addictive. There are more updates forthcoming in relation to additional apps which need to be compatible with the watch’s power supply, but you can currently get push notifications from email or Facebook. The watch looks smart with a colour screen that is a good size and easy to use buttons. The stretchy rubber strap fit my wrist comfortably to ensure a snug fit, plus it is easy to adjust. It is rather chunky, sitting high on your wrist and occasionally getting caught in clothing and bag straps. The key features such as heart rate monitor and GPS started to function after it was fully charged using the backup pad. The GPS took a long time to locate me when setting off on a run and wasn’t completely accurate when checking the log in the app. It can only be used for 30 minutes per day, because it depletes the battery, but you can ‘bank’ minutes you don’t use rolling them over to the next day. For now, it’s a great option for anyone who wants a sturdy watch that they don’t have to continuously worry about charging.

▶Verdict: The lack of charging required is a win, but it seems there are sacrifices for this.

▶Best for: Any outdoor activities, but great for anyone in remoter locations.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70