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Outdoor Research Spitsbergen Beanie

£35 www.outdoorresearch.com

Made of 100% lambswool, the Spitsbergen is a thin and lightweight beanie, packing down small to fit in the pocket of a rucksack. The stripe pattern comes in a range of colours so you’ll be able to choose one that suits you. It has a soft and cosy Windstopper ear band to keep your ears warm on a cold day. Unfortunately, the wind easily whistled through the rest of the unlined hat and felt cold. When the rain came down it thankfully kept my head dry, but be prepared for the smell of damp wool which lingered once the rain had stopped. Given the high price, I wanted more warmth.

VERDICT: Lightweight and breathable, but breezy up top.

BEST FOR: Cold, but calm, conditions.