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Outdoor hands intense skin therapy cream


We don’t cover cosmetics in OE as such, but this is a useful addition to the wash kit. It’s a non-perfumed hand cream for dry and chapped hands, feet or anywhere else that’s exposed to the elements. It’s purports to have all sorts of natural goodies inside, including vitamin E and aloe vera, and crucially for me, no Parabens (said to be carcinogenic). It’s a 100ml tube, which is a bit big to carry around on a backpack, but you could always decant it into something smaller, and conversely a small amount does seem to go a long way. I suffer from cracked and painful cuticles in the winter, and this cream has worked a treat on my long-suffering mitts, without being at all greasy, which leaves me to get on with the fun outdoor stuff quickly – don’t really want a slippery lube when biking or scrambling! This does exactly what it says on the tin, is gender neutral and made in the UK. If only everything were this simple!


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd