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Optimus Crux Lite Solo Cook System


The Crux Lite doesn’t fit together in the same way as most of the solo cooking systems and is perhaps more of a cooking set really: a small stove – an Optimus Crux Lite – coupled with a 0.6L pot and a lid that doubles as a frying pan. The stove is a top performer – it’s light and simmers well. It comes in a small stuff sack that slips inside the pot along with a 100g gas canister and this would be quite effective if there was a way to lock down the lid but there’s not. Instead, it has a tendency to rattle in the pack – solved by a rubber band in my case. Boil times are slower than the more hi-tech offerings, which benefit from windshields and heat diffusers – but 4 minutes for .5L on a very lightweight stove isn’t bad, and of course the stove will also work with other, larger pots if needed, unlike those dedicated systems. In fact, I found it more efficient with a slightly larger one, as no heat escapes out of the side. For me, the stove’s great, the pots are nothing special.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding