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MSR Trailshot – Filter

£40 www.msrgear.com

New for 2017, the Trailshot is a filter, not a purifier, and uses hollow fibres to remove bacteria and protozoa from any source. It makes no claim to remove viruses. It’s small, light and hand powered, needing no batteries or charging from the mains – a good option if you are going off grid for more than a few days at a time. I found the hand pump slow and tough to get a flow going at first, but it did loosen up, especially when drinking straight through, sucking while pumping. The short, 1 foot plastic tube helps in this regard, meaning you don’t have to lie down if drinking from a standing source. It also means you can fill a bottle, although this for me was a lot slower than the 60secs for 1 litre advertised. The filter is relatively inexpensive and built to last 2000 litres, say MSR. Cleaning is as simple as giving it a good shake. I think this is a good option for places like the Lake and Peak district, with either standing water or bacterial pollution. It’s less useful for larger groups, where there is an abundance of running water (Scotland) or foreign destinations where there are virus concerns. Lightweight at 153g.

VERDICT: Tiny and lightweight filter for water on the move.

BEST FOR: Standing or dirty water, solo runners and backpackers in UK and Europe.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd